Quality. Efficiency. Patient focus.

These are the main principles of the recently funded National Institute for Health Services, we are devoted to spread all over the Hungarian healthcare system. The Institute is practising state ownership rights at 102 Hungarian hospitals, in order to provide good quality, high level, accessible and efficient healthcare services to Hungarian population, and providing strong support at several points of the Hungarian healthcare system to continuously improve performance.

A healthcare system, operated within the boundaries of European Union, should meet the needs of everyone, has to be free at the point of delivery, and lay its foundations on clinical needs, not on ability to pay. Our goal is to help our hospitals to operate efficiently, focus on patient needs and  offer more balanced healthcare service for each patient in each part of the country.

Global medicine is progressing rapidly. Any healthcare system can implement recent improvements of medicine only if by fostering massive efficiency improvement measures on either local or national level. No healthcare-related state budget is infinite, therefore we are providing health management background and methodology to our hospitals to cope with current healthcare callenges. This is our major goal.

According the „Healthy Hungary 2014-2020” healthcare strategy, Hungary is devoted to improve healthcare infrastructure and availability of the country massively. Various funds of European Union provide signifi cant resources to establish a true 21st century healthcare infrastructure, to accommodate latest improvements of global medicine.

National Healthcare Service Center is aiming state-of the art approach to reach strategic goals of development. We possess owenership rights of state-owned Hungarian hospitals, and take our role seriuosly. Our Institute provide them operations methodology, strong management support and systemic backgroud to manage hospitals effi ciently and perform our ultimate goals: quality, effi ciency and patient focus.

Strong methology support of National Healthcare Service Center covers wide area of health management: human resource and capacity management, quality assurance, continuous improvement of operational effi ciency, centralised public procurement, healthcare and institutional performance appraisal. National Health Science Library, national documentation center and library of WHO European Local Office, is also operated by the Institute.

National Healthcare Service Center is working on establishing patient focus within the healthcare system, in order to improve overall effi ciency of the healthcare resource management. The Institute is convinced to eliminate any inoperative, ineffi cient and non-adjustable details of the system and focus on installing improvements in effi ciently operating enviroment.

As the largest supplier and supporter of healthcare services in Hungary, National Healthcare Service Center is sustaining close contact with various actors of Hungarian healthcare, performing coordination among hospitals, outpatient centers, professional organisations, health industry, located in Hungary or abroad.